Care Instruction

How often should I wash my towels?

The frequency really depends on the circumstances of your space. If your space is at a relatively normal temperature where your towels have had an opportunity to fully dry, it is recommended to wash your bath towel and mat every 3-4 days, and hand towels every 2 days. Although you are drying your clean body with water our bodies constantly produce sweat, salt and skin cells, not to mention other bodily remnants, make-up and beauty product build up. After a few days our towels become the host of yeast, mould, and E. Coli so it is important to always keep a fresh rotation of clean towels to avoid bacteria build up.

How to wash my towels?


Ensure to separate your colours and whites to avoid colour bleed and to keep your white YŌLI towels fresh and vibrant.


Warm gentle machine wash (40 degrees)


Do not use any bleach or colour brighteners on your YŌLI towels, and avoid using fabric softeners as this will deteriorate the absorbency and effectiveness of the fibres.


To keep your YŌLI towels soft and fluffy, we recommend drying on a medium heat cycle using the YŌLI woollen ball and fragrance. The woollen balls will de-static and soften your towels, whilst infusing them with the scent for a day-spa touch to your bathing ritual.


All towels will develop a washing detergent build up over time causing the fibres to sit rigid and flat. To refresh your YŌLI towels we recommend washing them with ¼ cup of white vinegar in lieu of washing detergent to strip the build up away. This can be done every third to fourth wash.