The YŌLI experience

YŌLI towels offer a new standard of luxury towelling with a considered approach.

Using the most premium grade OEKO-TEX certified organic and sustainable Turkish Cotton with a softy spun yarn technique, woven into a heavy weight GSM, the product quality is evident from the first touch.

Larger than a standard towel size, heavier than the average and the most plush to touch.

YŌLI embraces your body, bringing a luxury bathing experience to your

Bathing Rituals

YŌLI embraces mindful practice through your daily bathing
rituals. Making the most of the moment by giving your body and mind an opportunity to cleanse, pause and reset.

Learn the YŌLI ritual
  • Luxury

    The highest quality cotton, the most soft spun looping, the large size and the heavy weight. Every aspect has been considered to create the most luxurious towel you will ever meet.

  • Organic

    Our Turkish Cotton is GOTS and Better Cotton Initiative certified organic.

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  • Sustainable

    Our towels are produced using 100% clean energy under the Clean Energy Program.

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  • Gentle on your skin

    Using premium organic cotton, YŌLI towels are gentle and soft on your skin. Providing the tranquility and the ultimate comfort, suitable for those with sensitive skin.

  • Long-lasting durability

    YŌLI towels use the highest quality cotton, ensuing they will continue to provide luxurious comfort for years to come.

  • Easy care

    Machine washable and easy to care for with a use of YŌLI scented dryer set, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh with minimal effort.

  • The ultimate comfort

    The heavyweight construction of YŌLI towels provides a comforting weight and coziness when wrapped around your body, enveloping you in a sense of comfort and relaxation.

  • Miguel V.

    “What an experience. Bath Mat between your toes. A huge bath towel. Quality.”

  • Jane K.

    “Loving my new towels from YŌLI… so luxurious, thick and plush. The best find!”

  • Julie J.

    “I love the fact these towels are ethically made, support the environment and are superior to anything else I’ve experienced. My mind and body thank YŌLI.”

  • Olivia A.

    “A total elevation in your bathing experience.”

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