At Home Bathing with Steffanie Ball

At Home Bathing with Steffanie Ball

We chat with with YŌLI & En Gold Founder, Steffanie Ball, about inspirations, rituals and non-negotiables.

What influenced you to create YOLI?

It came at a time that I really started to invest in my own self care at home, going through lockdowns, running a busy business (En Gold) and having two very young kids, I was craving daily mindful practice through bringing a day spa experience into my home but it had to fit into my busy schedule. This was at the forefront of my mind when creating YŌLI, I wanted a towel that inspired self care and intentional bathing rituals. I really struggled to find a towel on the market that felt luxurious and was also made with quality to last so I took it upon myself to create it.

What is your bathing ritual?

Owning an e-commerce brand, my day is consumed by screen time and lots of noise. I enjoy waking up earlier in the mornings to ensure that I get that time for myself, before the kids wake up, to set the tone before the rush of the day sets in. YŌLI’s Bathing Ritual is a reflection of my own, five very simple yet powerful steps that restore the senses and can be practiced during your 10 minute shower. It’s all about intention, making the practice work for you and giving your nervous system a chance to reset.

What is your non-negotiable in your bathing ritual, other than YOLI?

My first non-negotiable for my bathing ritual would have to be soft lighting, from either a candle or lamp. My other non-negotiable is scent, I always scent my towels using the YŌLI dryer balls or the scented spray and I light a candle.

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